Congressional setback for Bush over Iraq

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Congressional setback for Bush over Iraq

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The battle between the US Congress and President George W Bush over Iraq has come to a head again with a new vote on funding and troop withdrawal.

A deeply divided House of Representatives has approved a bill providing the equivalent of 90 billion euros to continue financing the war, but which also sets a goal for bringing its soldiers home by April next year.

The bill was passed despite a veto threat from the President.

Democrat Sheila Jackson-Lee said:

“we need to claim victory for our soldiers. They have done their job, it’s time to bring them home now.”

The Senate is expected to approve the legislation later today.

But. unlike an earlier version the House passed last month, this bill does not set a firm date for a pullout. The timeframe is nonbinding and marks March 31 as a “target.”

The Bush administration claims any time restrictions hamper the US military effort and aid the insurgents in Iraq.