Ukrainian court discusses political crisis

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Ukrainian court discusses political crisis

Ukrainian court discusses political crisis
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Ukraines’s constitutional court is in session to discuss the country’s political crisis. The judges must decide whether President Viktor Yushchenko’s decree, to dissove Parliament and call new elections, was against Ukraine’s constitution, as claimed by Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich and more than 50 deputies.

Twelve of the eighteen judges must be in agreement.

The court was due to sit last week but five of the judges refused, complaining of political intimidation.

Demonstrators from both sides have mounted a vigil outside the court.
Street protests started on April 2nd following the Presidential decree which was ignored by the government.

The two protagonists to the crisis are both in Europe today.

Viktor Yanukovich has addressed the European Parliament in Strasbourg, rather ironically, as his government is seen as pro-Russian rather than pro- western.

The President’s camp complains Russian influence in Ukrainian affairs is threatening democratic reforms and will affect relations with the West.

That is Yushchenko will be telling Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, at their meeting in Brussels.

Both men are openly rallying support for their positions ahead of the courts decision by May 5th.