Rival protestors rally for Ukraine's duelling leaders

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Rival protestors rally for Ukraine's duelling leaders

Rival protestors rally for Ukraine's duelling leaders
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There have been rallies across the Ukrainian capital, as rival groups of protestors threw their weight behind their choice of the country’s duelling leaders.

In a sea of blue and yellow flags, those backing Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich were serenaded as they gathered in a square in Kiev.

They are calling for the cancellation of the President’s decree dissolving Parliament.

Yanukovich and members of his ruling coalition have met with a former Polish President and a delegation of Russian MPs.

Moscow and Warsaw have offered to act as mediators in the dispute.

The constitutional court will decide the merits of the dissolution.

It has delayed examining the case until April 17.

Several Judges claim they have come under undue political pressure.

Yanukovich’s camp is convinced, nonetheless, the verdict will be in their favour.

One member said: “We are not used to giving up. We’ll be standing here until the Constitutional court ruling is announced.”

Waving placards saying “honest court, honest election”, Yushenko’s camp is similarly convinced.

“We are here to support our President with his decree and early election call. We demand a fair poll, so those who enter parliament form a legal majority.”

Yanukovich has said he will take no part in a poll pending the court’s decision.