UK woman loses appeal over frozen embryos

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UK woman loses appeal over frozen embryos

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A British woman left infertile after cancer treatment has lost her final legal battle to become a mother.

Natallie Evans wanted to use frozen embryos fertilised by her ex-partner although he withdrew his consent after they split up.

She turned to the final appeals chamber of the European Court of Human Rights which had ruled against her a year ago. But it upheld the earlier decision.

Natallie Evans’ former partner Howard Johnston explained his view in 2006.

“Yes, I still always contest that I want to decide if and when I start a family,” he said.

He has reiterated what he sees as a matter of principle.

Under UK law, both man and woman must give their consent for the use of embryos right up until they are implanted.

In this case, Howard Johnston has asked for them to be destroyed by the clinic where they are stored.