Serbian court convicts paramilitaries of deaths of Srebrenica Muslims

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Serbian court convicts paramilitaries of deaths of Srebrenica Muslims

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A Serbian war crimes court has convicted four Serb paramilitaries for the murder of six Bosnian muslims.

A fifth man was cleared in the biggest war crimes trial of Serbs by Serbs to date.

The members of the ‘Scorpions’ paramilitary unit were caught on film gunning down the six captured youths.

Leader of the “Scorpions”, Slobodan Medic and accomplice Branislav Medic were both handed 20 year sentences, whilst the only man to admit the shootings, Pera Petrasevic, will spend 13 years behind bars. A fourth man received a 5 year sentence.

Families of the victims are not happy with the verdict.

“I will never be satisfied with the verdict. They brought in the army to kill children, and then one is acquitted and another is sentenced to only 5 five years. There is no such place where you can kill somebody without being punished,” said one relative.

“Serbia should be ashamed what they did in Bosnia and how many people they killed. Not only these six. Where did the planes and the machine guns come from?” commented another woman.

The judge in the case, Gordana Petrovic, stated that Slobodan Medic had ordered the execution of the prisoners but had attempted to disguise the murders as killings in conflict.

It is the first court ruling in the former Yugoslav country relating to the massacre of 8,000 Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica in July 1995.