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Freed marines and sailors reunited with their families


Freed marines and sailors reunited with their families

Two Sea King helicopters flew the 15 former detainees to a Royal Marine base in south-western England on the last leg of their journey from Tehran. There, finally, they got to see their families who had suffered through their ordeal with them, albeit from thousands of miles away.

But tomorrow the postmortem has to begin. The former captives will undergo medical and psychological tests. All 15 will be questioned closely by intelligence officers as to exactly what happened in Iran. Other military inquiries are also underway over the circumstances of their capture. Questions are being asked as to whether the crew were adequately protected while on patrol.

In Iran the return home of the sailors and marines was also headline news. Both Iran and the UK are still insisting no deal was done to facilitate their release. But British Prime Minister Tony Blair also said new and interesting lines of communication had opened up with the Iranians.