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George Bush hits out at Democrats over war funding

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George Bush hits out at Democrats over war funding


President George Bush has slammed the United States Congress and Senate for making troops pay the price for the hold-up in war funds. He accused the majority Democrats in both the upper and lower houses of evading their responsibilities.

Speaking during a press conference in the White House Rose Garden Bush said: “I think the voters in America want Congress to support our troops in harm’s way. They want money for the troops and they don’t want politicians in Washington telling our generals how to fight a war. It’s one thing to object to the policy but it’s another thing when you have troops in harm’s way and you don’t give them the funds they need. There’s no question that there has been a political dance going on here in Washington.”

Congress and the Senate have approved the extra funds Bush demanded for Iraq and Afghanistan, but with strings attached. One of those strings is that all US troops must be home by no later than next summer.

Bush has vowed to veto the bill as soon as it lands back on his desk. Then it will have to be referred back to Congress and the Senate again.

President Bush is also cross about the visit to Syria by the Democrat President of the lower house of Congress, Nancy Pelosi.

He said her visit would send a contradictory message when the Bush administration was out to isolate Syria.

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