Dissolution of Parliament - road to political crisis once more?

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Dissolution of Parliament - road to political crisis once more?

Dissolution of Parliament - road to political crisis once more?
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During a recent Euronews interview, Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko talked of the American anti missile defence system, which draws concern from Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich.

Is the catalyst for the current clash, the division between pro-Western and pro-Russian camps?

“The battle of strength is a battle of personalities. This battle will happen in the streets as before,” said Boris Grislov, President of the Duma.

In 2004 the Ukrainian people took to the streets en masse, to fight against electorial fraud.

The Orange Revolution saw half a million people protest in Kiev following controversial presidential elections.

The re-run saw Yushchenko claim the Presidency but throughout his tenure, he has suffered threats to his presidential powers – firing former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko’s government, as inner conflicts between the coalition damaged the administration.

The country has long been divided between a pro-European west and a pro Russian east but it is too simple to describe the present situation as East versus West.

Since Yanukovich’s Regions party came first in parliamentary elections in March 2006 – scoring well over a third of the seats – Yushchenko and Yanukovich have clashed.

Despite the public making their stance – months of politicial wrangling took place to find a new leader for the Rada.

Finally in August 2006, in exchange for Yanukovich’s assurance he will not interfere with the pro-Western ambitions of the President, Yushchenko commissioned Yanukovich to form a government in cooperation with his own Our Ukraine party.

Today’s dissolvement of parliament could see a return of such politicial problems – ahead of the Ukrainian people taking to the polls again – but it’s hoped talks between the President and his rivals enable stability returns to the Ukraine, as latest reports suggest that Yushchenko and Yanukovich have met to thrash out a deal.