Dozens die in Iraq in a wave of car bombings

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Dozens die in Iraq in a wave of car bombings

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In another day of bloodshed in Iraq, dozens of people have been killed in multiple car bomb attacks in Khalis. In Mahmudiya, 30 kilometres south of Baghdad, five people died and 20 were injured in a separate bombing. The Iraqi police have confirmed that some of its officers were involved in the massacre of 70 Sunni Arab men in Tal Afar on Tuesday.

The killings came just hours after massive truck bombs killed 85 people in a nearby Shi’ite market place. In a Sunni neighbourhood in Baghdad protestors were demanding to know what had happened to 50 of their menfolk arrested yesterday by Iraqi forces. “They took my son” one woman wailed. “Why, why did they do this?” demanded another. Two sobbing children clutched at the shirt of an allied soldier. “They took our father,” they cried.