Cameron attacks Blair over National Health Service

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Cameron attacks Blair over National Health Service

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The UK’s opposition leader has gone on the attack over the state of the British health service.

The British government has increased funding for the NHS, but it has also made cuts to institute reforms.

Agreeing with protesting young doctors in Nottingham, Tory leader David Cameron called Tony Blair’s efforts “a shambles”.

He then continued his attack at his party’s Spring conference.

“They have turned the NHS into a vast inhuman machine, a sort of pen pushers’ paradise at the mercy of the management consultants’ latest wheeze that gets dreamt up, rolled out, cut back and then finally written off when the next ludicrous strategy appears. Labour have ripped the heart out of the NHS and replaced it with a computer.”

The increasing rhetoric is working well in the polls. The Tories are six points clear of Labour.

That lead goes as high as 10 points if the present Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown replaces Tony Blair when he steps down this summer.

Cameron is on a mission to pull his party to the political centre-ground.