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Poland launches controversial vetting law

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Poland launches controversial vetting law


Hundreds of thousands of Poles will now have to declare whether they had links with Poland’s communist-era secret police under a contentious new vetting law. But the determination of Poland’s conservative government to meet pledges to purge former spies and collaborators from positions of influence has been met with scepticism by many.

The prospect of having to submit statements has raised eyebrows in Poland’s corporate and banking communities and has divided the press. In January, prominent journalist Boguslaw Woloszanski was one of those who admitted cooperating with Poland’s communist-era intelligence service.

The same month, Stanislaw Wielgus quit at the service intended to install him as Warsaw’s new archbishop after admitting spying on fellow clerics. While many Poles approve of the principle of vetting, critics have slammed it as a witch-hunt, and a tool that could be used against political opponents.

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