More Anti-Bush protests-this time in Uruguay

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More Anti-Bush protests-this time in Uruguay

More Anti-Bush protests-this time in Uruguay
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Protestors take to the streets as US President George W Bush arrives in Montevideo in Uruguay. Its Bush’s second stop on week long five country visit to the region. Trade talks are on the agenda in all five countries as well as combatting anti-US sentiment of which there is plenty.

Demonstrators smashed the windows of McDonald’s in the city and burned American flags. The US president’s first stop was Brazil where he signed up to a new ethanol devolopment agreement with Brazilian President Lula da Silva.

However, once again Bush was greeted by mass demonstrations, 4,000 police were deployed on the streets of Sao Paulo.

The presidents trip is being shadowed by his political opponant Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Chavez has launched a rival tour to challenge and taunt his ldeological rival.

While Bush was in Montevideo just across the River Plate, Chavez staged an anti-Bush protest in Buenos Aires.

He whipped up the crowds to chant in unison “Gringo Home.”

Chavez had some choice words for the US president.

“He is a political corpse. He exhales the smell of the political dead, he will soon be cosmic dust that will disappear from the stage.”

After Uruguay, Bush goes on to Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico – with Hugo Chavez following his every move.