Another Russian journalist buried

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Another Russian journalist buried

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The Russian journalist who died in mysterious circumstances last week has been buried in Moscow. Ivan Safronov worked as a military affairs writer for Russian daily “Kommersant”.

The newspaper has reported Safronov said he was working on a story about Russian plans to sell weapons to Iran and Syria via Belarus.

Such deals would have strained the Kremlin’s relations with Israel and the US.

Safronov reportedly told colleagues he had been warned he would face a criminal investigation over releasing state secrets.

Safronov fell from the fifth storey window of his apartment.

Colleagues and neighbours say he would not have committed suicide.

Oleg Panfilov from the Russian Centre for Journalism in Extreme Situations said: “The circumstances of his death increase our concern and suspicion that this murder was connected with his professional activities.”

Prosecutors have opened an inquest into his death.