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Airbus workers hit the streets in job cuts protest

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Airbus workers hit the streets in job cuts protest


Thousands of Airbus workers have demonstrated across France against a cost-cutting restructuring plan. Twelve to fifteen thousand people took to the streets of Toulouse, where the aviation giant has its headquarters. Airbus wants to slash ten thousand jobs across Europe – four thousand three hundred in France alone.

It is an attempt to cut costs after delays to the A three-eighty super jumbo project. But the workers want a rethink. “We spent decades on building the success of Concorde, the Caravel, and then Airbus and constructed a very complete range of different planes. We can’t now admit that the employees are the only variable that can be adjusted to fix the company.” said one man.

In Meult, in the north, more than a thousand people braved the rain to protest against the plan, that would see their plant farmed out to an outside investor. Airbus claims the measures will save the planemaker five billion euros by two thousand and ten and over two billion more each year after that. But unions are threatening wider action across Europe if there are forced redundancies.

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