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Britons' bullet riddled car found in Ethiopia

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Britons' bullet riddled car found in Ethiopia


Concern is growing for five Britons missing in Ethiopia after their cars were found riddled with bullet holes. The two abandoned British embassy vehicles were discovered in a remote village in the Afar region where the group was last seen. They are all linked to the embassy. It has been reported Britain has sent elite SAS troops to help Ethiopian soldiers in the search. But Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett did not comment on the British media claims:

“No further developments as far as we know, but obviously we are doing everything we can to get more information and also to try and help and support their families and do all that can be done to look for them and try and get them out of there safely. Sorry, I’m not going to go into any details. The safety of those people is of paramount importance to all of us.”

The Britons were said to have been seized near the border with Eritrea, last week. Thirteen Ethiopians working as drivers and translators are also missing. No group has yet claimed responsibility.

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