Police swamp Copenhagen as fears of more street violence remain

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Police swamp Copenhagen as fears of more street violence remain

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Left-wing activists occupied the headquarters of the ruling Christian Democrat party in Copenhagen in a follow-up to Thursday’s street clashes.

Police say they have since departed but the Danish capital remains tense as the authorities begin the clear-up in the aftermath of the violence.

The unrest was sparked by the eviction of a group of squatters from a youth centre in the working class, multi-ethnic neighbourhood of Norrebro.

The conflict has been simmering away since the Millennium when the local government sold the property to a Christian congregation, which obtained a court order to have the squatters evicted.

The clear-out began on Thursday morning when a helicopter lowered members of Denmark’s anti-terror police onto the roof of the building. Disturbances then followed.

More than 200 demonstrators have been arrested and 25 treated for injuries as protestors threw cobblestones, lit fires and overturned cars in the Danish capital.

In a show of solidarity up to 800 people demonstrated in the German city of Hamburg with 14 being detained.

The authorities say they are expecting further trouble and have flooded the city with police.