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Air passenger data deal expected by deadline

brussels bureau

Air passenger data deal expected by deadline


Talks described as difficult between the EU and the US on sharing air passenger data should nevertheless produce a deal before it expires in June, according to a senior EU official after a first round of negotiations.

Under a temporary agreement reached as part of US efforts to combat terrorism, to be allowed to land at US airports European airlines must pass on up to 34 items of data on passengers, including addresses and credit card details, .

The talks have focused on how long the Americans would store the data, which agencies should have access to it, and the circumstances of passing it on.

A 2004 deal was struck down by the European Court of Justice after the parliament challenged it as breaking privacy laws.

The US ambassador to Brussels said last month that American public perception of Europe as soft on terrorism and in the EU that Americans were callous about privacy, although inaccurate, made cooperation more difficult.

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