Madrid train bombers' trial begins

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Madrid train bombers' trial begins

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The trial of those accused of taking part in the Madrid train bombings in 2004 has begun in the Spanish capital. In the dock are 29 people, both Arabs and Spanish, charged with a variety of crimes.

One of the most prominent is Rabei Osman, alleged to be one of the masterminds of the attacks. He’s known to Spanish police as the Egyptian.

It was he and several others who planned the bombings of four packed commuter trains on March 11th 2004, say prosecutors.

As many as ten backpack bombs were exploded. 191 people were killed and 2000 injured.

Rabei Osman has refused to answer questions put to him by the prosecution.

According to the charges, Rabei Osman and three accomplices heeded a call by Al Quaeda to attack countries supporting the war in Iraq.

The trial is being conducted amid tight security.

There was no court room large enough to hold the proceedings, so it was moved to a convention centre in the Spanish capital.

Up to 100 experts and 600 witnesses are expected to be called during the trial which is predicted to last five months.