Italy mourns policeman killed in football riot

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Italy mourns policeman killed in football riot

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In Italy, thousands of people have attended a funeral in the Sicilian town of Catania for a policeman killed during Friday night’s violent riot between football fans.

Mourners clapped as Filippo Raciti’s flag-draped coffin was taken into the cathedral square. At the same time across the country, millions observed a minute’s silence.Outside the town’s cathedral, one policeman spoke of feeling bitter.

“The situation makes people realise there is now less and less respect for law and order,” he said.

Sentiments shared by another mourner who said she was afraid to take her children to matches.

“We can not live in a society like this,” she said.

Although he was initially believed to have died when a homemade bomb was hurled into his vehicle, a post-mortem has revealed that a blow from a blunt object caused the injuries which killed Raciti.

Meanwhile, Italy’s Interior Minister Giuliano Amato has decided that stadiums which do not meet safety standards will have to hold matches behind closed doors without spectators.

For the moment, only four cities meet the regulations, Siena, Palermo, Turin and Rome.