Britain promises to find source of deadly bird flu

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Britain promises to find source of deadly bird flu

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Britain’s completed a cull of 160,000 poultry as experts continue to search for the cause of a deadly bird flu outbreak. Environment Minister, Benjamin Bradshaw, says efforts now will focus on preventing the lethal virus from spreading from the Suffolk farm where it was found.

“The priority at the moment must be to contain the disease on this site and to eradicate it, and to prevent its spread,” he said.

“And we may never know what the cause for this outbreak is but we will certainly investigate that it the next week or two,” added Bradshaw.

Europe is now on standby to reintroduce stringent measures.

EU’s Health Commissioner, Markos Kyprianou, says people must not panic over fears the disease may spread to humans.

“It is just another animal disease, we are getting ready to react and protect especially the poultry industry and farming. “We should look at it as an animal disease and should not bring into this debate, even with this occasion, again the issue of pandemic.”

The cull at the farm run by Europe’s largest turkey producer began on Saturday.

The UK farm ministry has confirmed the virus is the same strain which caused an outbreak in Hungary last month.