Serbian voters go to the polls

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Serbian voters go to the polls

Serbian voters go to the polls
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Polls have closed in Serbia with 60 per cent of electors turning out to vote. The choice is between hardline nationalist parties and those which are pro-European and pro-reform.

The breakaway province of Kosovo and its independence is an emotional issue – and whoever forms a government will have to deal with it.

No party is expected to win an outright majority, and three main parties are likely to split the vote.

The pro-European Democratic Party of President Boris Tadic wants Serbia to integrate with Europe and join the EU.

“I’m expecting that these elections are going to show the right of Serbia’s people for European direction.”

Serbia’s Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica’s party is conservative and unlikely to champion any change. He’s centred much of his campaign on opposition to Kosovan independence. .

Serbia should continue on the safe and stable road it has followed so far, he said after casting his vote. The safest road is the fastest one.

Serbia’s Radical Party is lead by Tomislav Nikolic. He’s a Eurosceptic and opposed to any idea of reform, including handing over war ciminals like Ratko Mladic to the Hague Tribuna. He’s deeply opposed to Kosovan independence.

I expect a new government to dedicate itself to keeping Kosovo within Serbia, he said.

Euronews will be staying with the election and will bring you results and comment throughout the night.