EU urges action in Libyan medical workers case

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EU urges action in Libyan medical workers case

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The case has aroused deep misgivings throughout the world. Now the European Parliament has taken up the case of six medical workers sentenced to death by a Libyan court. European states were urged today to examine their ties with Libya unless it releases the five nurses and one doctor.

Helene Flautre, Head of the EU Human Rights Commission says the case strains belief:

“When you consider that the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor have been utterly denied their rights, have been tortured and that their lives depend upon the decision of one man it seems utterly astonishing. Meanwhile, we continue to deal with Mr. Khadafi on immigrants knowing he has little or no respect for basic human rights.”

The six medical workers were convicted of deliberately infecting hundreds of children with the HIV virus in a Benghazi hospital. They have been in custody since 1999.

Another EU deputy said any death sentence was unacceptable.

“It is not tolerable that Europeans are condemned to death, it is not tolerable that the death penalty still exists in the world. With this resolution, the European Parliament has shown its opposition to the entire policy.”

Last month, an international group of physicians said the accusations against the medical workers were unfounded.

According to a report, the infections started in 1997 in the Benghazi hospital, before their arrival.