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Israel to remove West Bank roadblocks

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Israel to remove West Bank roadblocks


Israel has agreed to remove some of the 400 roadblocks in the West Bank. Israel’s Defence Minister said the move was being made so Palestinians could travel more freely. But he didn’t say when it would happen. In his statement, Amir Peretz said it was difficult to know what the most effective number of roadblocks was. “We must consider easing roadblocks in places where their removal would not pose a risk”, he said. “The army has expressed its reservations and will examine each roadblock individually before deciding whether or not to remove it.”

The concession will be seen as further Israeli support for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas whose Fatah party is locked in a battle for control with Hamas, the party of Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. Abbas has called for early elections to resolve the dispute which has generated gun battles in Gaza between the opposing forces of Hamas and Fatah.

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