US considers bolstering its forces in Iraq

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US considers bolstering its forces in Iraq

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More troops could be sent to Iraq. That is one of the options the US President has said he is weighing up to deal with the crisis in the wartorn country. George W. Bush also faced some awkward questions from journalists at the news conference where he made the announcement.

Question: “Less than two months ago, at the end of one of the bloodiest months in the war, you said, ‘absolutely we are winning.’ Yesterday you said, ‘we are not winning, we are not losing.’ Why did you drop your confident assertion about winning?”

George Bush: “The first comment was done in this spirit: I believe we are going to win, I believe… by the way if I didn’t think that, I wouldn’t have our troops there, that is what you’ve got to know… We are going to succeed. My comments yesterday reflected the fact that we are not succeeding nearly as fast as I wanted, and that conditions are tough in Iraq.”

The administration is expected to announce a new Iraq strategy in January. Bush has said he thinks an overall boost to the US military is required to deal with world extremists.