Venezuela's Chavez exuberant after election win

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Venezuela's Chavez exuberant after election win

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has won a third term in office, defeating his rival Manuel Rosales by a large margin. “It is another defeat for the empire of Mr. Danger,” he said to his supporters, referring to US President George W. Bush, who Chavez has portrayed as an imperialist.

His supporters sang and danced in the streets in celebration of him securing a further six years in office. President Chavez won 61 per cent of the vote while rival Rosales won 38 per cent. Chavez is the fourth left-leaning politician to win office in Latin America in the past four years.

He pledged to continue to use Venezuela’s soaring oil revenues to help the poor and fund welfare. He also vowed to use the victory to scrap presidential term limits and create a single party that will lead Venezuela for years. His opponent Rosales conceded victory, saying he would continue to fight for a free market economy and foreign investment. He was a bright hope for the opposition, but in the end his message failed to convince voters.