High level crunch talks held on Iraq

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High level crunch talks held on Iraq

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High level crunch talks have been held to try to put an end to sectarian violence in Iraq. After the meeting between the country’s prime minister and the US President, George W. Bush explained what was needed to bring peace and stability to the troubled region: “In the long term, security in Iraq requires reconciliation among Iraq’s different ethnic communities – something the overwhelming majority of Iraqis want,” he said.

Bush also praised Iraqi premier Nuri al-Maliki as a strong leader and agreed that the partition of the country would only increase violence. The Iraqi premier said an initial battle to bring democracy to Iraq had been won. Both leaders outlined the importance of speeding up the training of Iraqi security forces. Bush’s future policy in the country could be shaped by the findings of the independent Iraq Study Group which will publish its vision for the way forward on December the 6th