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US political leaders pump up the volume ahead of election

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US political leaders pump up the volume ahead of election


Political parties in the US are pulling out all of the stops, with just two days to go before midterm elections for Congress. After first appearing to avoid the subject, President Bush has increasingly mentioned Iraq in final campaigning, turning the tables on the Democrats and their criticism of the war. “They are in agreement on one thing,” he told a rally. “They will leave before the job is done. I’m not saying these people are unpatriotic, I’m just saying they’re wrong.”

The Democrats, though, have been helped by their former president Bill Clinton. He rejects Bush’s claims that the opposition doesn’t have a clear plan on the economy and Iraq. “All over America, we have become both the progressive and the conservative party of America,” he told supporters. “If you’re a conservative on the budget, if you believe in the rule of law, if you want to conserve our natural resources, if you want to conserve the welfare of our men and women in uniform, you have to be a Democrat.” The race for control of Congress is expected to be close; the Democrats just need to increase their number of seats by 12 to change the balance of power.

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