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Solana ends Middle East tour in Beirut

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Solana ends Middle East tour in Beirut


The EU Foreign Policy chief Javier Solana has ended his four-day Middle East tour with a stop in Beirut where he met Major General Alain Pellegrini commander of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon.

He also held talks with Lebanese officials and leaders.

Solana said he was satisfied with the application of the UN resolution ending the war between Israel and Lebanon’s Hizbollah.

He said: “We are, as you know, cooperating very strongly with UNIFIL, the forces of the European Union. We are satisfied. I have been talking this morning with General Pellegrini. I think that the application of the UN resolution has been carried out in the correct fashion from the UNIFIL point of view.”

Solana arrived in Beirut after talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

The German Defence Ministry, meanwhile, has recognised that its sphere of operations as commander of UNIFIL’s naval force is limited to six nautical miles off the Lebanese coast.

Opposition MPs in Germany have criticised the German government for failing in a promise that there would be no exclusion zone.

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