Kurdish witness testifies in Saddam trial

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Kurdish witness testifies in Saddam trial

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Saddam Hussein’s genocide trial has resumed after his defence lawyers returned to court having boycotted proceedings since the sacking of the court’s previous judge in September. Today, a Kurdish witness told the court that he survived a massacre by running and falling into a ditch full of bodies as troops fired on his group of detainees.

The man testified from behind a curtain to conceal his identity for fear of reprisal. Saddam appeared distracted as he listened to the witness describe his horrific account of the Iraqi government’s offensive against the Kurds in northern Iraq in 1988. The man had been in hiding for 15 years.

Saddam and six co-defendants are standing trial on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Saddam and another defendant are also charged with genocide and face death by hanging if found guilty. However, Saddam Hussein remains defiant. In an open letter at the weekend he predicted victory over U.S oppressors.