WWF urges strong REACH law for safer chemicals

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WWF urges strong REACH law for safer chemicals

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A TV spot by ecologist organisation WWF features leading members from the main political groups in the European Parliament sharing their concerns about chemicals.

A proposed new law on chemicals is coming up for a final vote in the assembly this autumn.

After three years of discussions, critics and consumer protection advocates are keeping the pressure up to bring about meaningful reforms in the sector.

Hungarian and Finnish euro-MPs Péter Olajos and Tiitta Myller explain their approach:

“We have difficulties to reach the people, to communicate with the people, so therefore we have to use this communication tool.”

“People watch TV, maybe they don’t read so much, maybe they don’t discuss so much in meetings, maybe it is the best way to reach people.”

Sandra Jen, the director of WWF’s Detox campaign in Belgium, says: “We dare to hope that the public health stakes are worth enough to muster a much larger majority than the one we got on the first reading (of this law), on finding substitutes for the most dangerous chemical products – so that safer alternatives find broad support among the conservative EPP, the socialists, liberals and Greens.”

The law for the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH) is intended to provide for a more open and responsible use of chemicals within Europe.

The television campaign urges Europeans to demand mature decisions in policy-setting.