Airliner crash in Ukraine kills 170

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Airliner crash in Ukraine kills 170

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A Russian airliner has crashed in eastern Ukraine, killing everyone on board.

The 170 dead included 10 crew. There are discrepancies in the number of children, with suggestions there could have been as many as 45.

The aircraft was reported to have been flying at an altitude of 11,000 metres.

It issued an SOS then disappeared from radar screens, according to Russia’s Emergencies Ministry.

Moscow said the crew had reported severe turbulence.

The Pulkovo Airlines flight 612 from the Black Sea resort of Anapa was heading back to its home base of St Petersburg.

The Tu-154, dating from Soviet times, is the workhorse of most airlines operating in states of the former USSR.

This is the second fatal crash for a regional Russian airline this year.

Last month’s involved an Airbus A-310.