Lebanese man detained in Germany over bomb plot

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Lebanese man detained in Germany over bomb plot

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A terror suspect has been arrested by German police probing what they believe was a plot to blow up makeshift bombs on the national rail network.

The arrest took place at Kiel station, in the north of the country, which was closed for five hours as security checks took place.

Media reports had suggested an explosive device was discovered at the station but there was no confirmation of this from police.

They were already hunting the 21-year-old man they have detained, as part of an investigation into a terror alert last month, sparked when two unexploded bombs were found in abandoned suitcases in trains in Dortmund and Koblenz.

A Lebanese student, he was one of two suspects officers were looking for – both caught on camera boarding trains in Cologne.

It is believed a simultaneous attack was planned but neither device exploded. if they had, police say, many people would have died.

The search for the second man police want to question goes on.

Meanwhile, there has been a major security alert at Hamburg train station today after a bomb threat there.