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11 Israeli soldiers die in Hizbollah rocket attack

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11 Israeli soldiers die in Hizbollah rocket attack


A Hizbollah rocket attack has killed eleven soldiers in northern Israel.
Reports said the victims were all army reservists.
Eyewitnesses said there was a 15 minute barrage consisting of about 100 missiles. A further thirteen of the service personnel are reported to be wounded, two are said to be in a very serious condition.

The missiles exploded at a cemetery at Kfar Giladi near Kyriat Shmona. Ambulancemen evacuated victims as rockets continued to fall, the caualties were taken to hospital in Haifa.

It is the deadliest missile attack so far by Hizbollah militants against Israel and brings the death toll from cross-border rockets in the war to 43.

Meanwhile Israel said it had captured a Hizbollah fighter who took part in the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers a month ago. The army said he was being interrogated.
A military spokesman said they had so far killed over 400 Hizbollah fighters and captured 20 during the war.

He added that special forces were continuing operations in south Lebanon. Several rocket launchers and munitions caches were destroyed.
Three soldiers were wounded in the fighting.


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