"Stable" - Speculation over Castro's condition

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"Stable" - Speculation over Castro's condition

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Cuba has been showing its support for Fidel Castro. Hundreds of people have been rallying in the streets of Havana wishing their president well after he underwent surgery for internal bleeding on Monday. Castro has “temporarily” delegated his posts to his younger brother Raul – pro-Fidel Cubans have been showing their acceptance of the handover, chanting his name.

It is a tense time for the citizens of Cuba. Through a television announcement, Castro has let them know he is in a stable condition and in “good spirits”, but his illness has brought apprehension over the future of the communist state.

Castro’s departure from power has long been a goal of US policy, but White House officials don’t see him passing power to his brother as the end. They say they do not know Castro’s condition but do not believe he is dead. In these times of possible transition, dissident leader, Osvaldo Paya, has been calling for calm:
“In these moments of concern which affect all Cuban citizens, more than ever our message is one of serenity, calm and discipline by our citizens because Cuba is our home and we have to do our best for our country and for our home.”

While cubans await more news of their ailing leader, the communist government continue to convey an air of calm.