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Protesters ransack UN building in Beirut

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Protesters ransack UN building in Beirut


Violent protests have broken out in Beirut over the Qana bombing. Some members of Hizbollah raised their flag over the UN headquarters as thousands of people gathered in the city centre around building. A core group of protesters broke in and then smashed up what they could. Hizbollah is said to have been gaining popularity as the crisis in Lebanon worsens. There is a sense of outrage across the country that the world is watching on and letting Israel’s deadly offensive continue.

Ibrahim Mosawi who is a spokesman for Hizbollah echoed those feelings of disbelief: “This should be condemned and not only condemned. It should be addressed properly by the international community, especially by those countries that are supporting Israel.” Demonstrators have been demanding that the US ambassador quit the country, and have been chanting Death to America and Death to Israel. Others promised to sacrifice their lives for Lebanon.

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