Frightened Lebanese flee their homes

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Frightened Lebanese flee their homes

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Israeli air raids have left south Beirut as well as communities in South Lebanon in a state of devastation.

At least 100 residential buildings have been hit as well as a hospital and several schools.

Over 60,000 people have fled their homes for more secure areas, where the authorities have opened up over sixty schools to provide emergency accommodation.

Gathering points have been set up for families to be transported to safer parts of the country and volunteers have been distributing food and water.

One woman said: “We are displaced because of the agents of Israel and America, God defeat them. We are not responsible for what’s happening, with God’s will we will achieve victory”.

This Lebanese man said: “We had to come here because the south is being pounded. We wish our government would contact the governments of other countries so we can go back to our homes and families.”

Lebanese government rescue workers warned the situation is becoming desperate.

They said there is not enough emergency accommodation. Medical supplies, blankets and other materials are badly needed.