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Israel fails to kill Hizbollah leader

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Israel fails to kill Hizbollah leader


The southern suburbs of Beirut have known no peace since yesterday as the Israeli airforce pounds the area in a bid to kill Hizbollah leaders. On Friday evening rockets finally slammed into the flat of Sheik Nasrallah, but he was unhurt. Hizbollah rockets also hit an Israeli ship bombarding coastal positions off Beirut. It was damaged, but there were no casualties.

It is a radical islamic stronghold, as can be seen by the various portraits of religious leaders on public display.NBut from the visual evidence and destruction, Israel’s claims it is conducting surgical strikes are not borne out. Damage to the infrastructure is extensive, and while hitting transport links may be justified to prevent Israel’s wanted men escaping, other facilities have been hit that will only make daily life for the population more miserable.

The Israeli airforce is releasing cockpit footage to show it is accurately hitting road, crossroads, and bridges, but the army is holding back. A scouting force attempted to break into Lebanon on Wednesday, but got a bloody nose before returning to Israel, losing a tank and several soldiers in the process.

Artillery and planes are now attempting to destroy Hizbollah units from the other side of the border, waiting for them to fire rockets, of which there have been plenty today, and then hitting the firing positions.NThe Israeli towns of Safed and Nahariya were again hit by Hizbollah rockets, injuring several people, one seriously.

However the intensity of the Israeli assault means more eyes are on Lebanon. Bombardments have continued throughout the day, the motorway from Beirut to Damascus in particular coming under heavy fire.

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