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Mexico's presidential runner up contests result

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Mexico's presidential runner up contests result


Around 100,000 people filled Mexico City’s Zocalo Square to support the leftist Andreas Manuel Lopez Obrador and his fight against what he calls a rigged presidential election. He is vowing to take his cause to the country’s election tribunal.

Addressing the crowd, Lopez Obrador demanded, “a new economy, a new way of conducting politics and a new way of living with fewer inequalities and more justice”. The winner of last weekend’s disputed election was the conservative Felipe Calderon of the ruling National Action Party. It was a razor-thin victory of less then one percentage point.

The loser claims that the electronic counting system which flashed the results on television was manipulated, but some international leaders, including the US president, have already phoned to congratulate Calderon on his victory. Under Mexican electoral law, parties must file complaints by Monday and the tribunal must certify the winner by September 6. Monitors from the European Union say they have found no cause for concern over the election.

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