Solana to offer incentives to Iran

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Solana to offer incentives to Iran

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The EU’s head of foreign policy has arrived in Tehran ahead of what are likely to be intense talks over Iran’s nuclear research programme.

Javier Solana has a list of proposals put together by the UN Security Council along with Germany, aimed at persuading the Iranian government to give up enrichment of uranium. The offer will be presented to Iranian government officials later today. “We want to forge a new relationship based on mutual respect and confidence,” Solana told journalists at Tehran Airport. Initial reactions in Iran seem cautiously positive. Foreign Affairs minister Manouchehr Mottaki said dialogue with the West was certainly possible. “If a political determination exists for resolving the issue and if the EU don’t have political aims for politicising the case, I think we can reach a comprehensive agreement with them,” he said. The exact nature of the incentives on offer to Iran have not been made public but are thought to range from offering a nuclear reactor facility, to trade advantages and security guarantees. The proposition is thought to depend on Iran giving up uranium enrichment, something the country’s government has continually refused to do. The US has warned Iran that a rejection of the offer could lead to UN-imposed penalties.