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"No warning" before UK police shot terror suspect

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"No warning" before UK police shot terror suspect


Controversy is growing over a high profile raid by British anti-terrorist police on Friday in which a suspect was shot. Some 250 police officers took part in the raid after getting intelligence reports that chemical or biological weapons were being prepared in an East London home.

But no such arms have been found and lawyers for the shot man say he was fired on without warning. A solicitor said: “He was in his pyjamas, obviously unarmed, empty handed. As he came down the stairs, police rounded a corner, came up the stairs and shot him, in the chest, immediately. There was no warning and he wants to stress that no warning was given, contrary to what’s been said he wasn’t asked to freeze. He wasn’t given any warning, he didn’t know the people in his house were police officers until after he was shot.” The 23 year old man, Mohammed Abdul Kahar, has been treated for a shoulder wound and will now face questioning by police along with his brother Abul Koyair, also arrested in the raid. Both men deny any involvement with terrorism. The Independent Police Complaints Commission has launched an investigation into the shooting. The actions of the British police are under the spotlight following the shooting dead last summer of an innocent Brazillian man who they mistook for a terrorist.
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