UN anti-torture body slates US over Guantanamo

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UN anti-torture body slates US over Guantanamo

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The UN’s top anti-torture body has put the US on notice that its facility for holding terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay is illegal and that it should ban interrogation methods that could be regarded as torture or cruel treatment. Such treatment includes the use of dogs and sexual humiliation, the Committee against Torture said.

Chairman Fernando Marino Menendez reported: “We expressed our conviction that Guantanamo should be closed definitively. We indicated that some interrogation techniques used were prohibited by the Convention (against torture) and we gave concrete examples.” A US State Department spokesman said the report contained inaccuracies. While admitting that abuses had taken place in the past, he said torture was outlawed in all detention facilities. But the UN committee cited what it said were reliable reports of acts of torture or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. President Bush has said he intends to close Guantanamo down but has yet to set a date.