Barroso's practical drive to restore confidence

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Barroso's practical drive to restore confidence

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The EU plans to concentrate on “common problems” to make Europe’s increasing integration more practical and more visible for its
citizens. Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso this Wednesday is set to unveil proposals for ending the stalemate over the constitution. National and European parliamentarians have been debating this afresh Bruxelles.

Barroso made this declaration:
“An active policy agenda gives the confidence to citizens that Europe is united and focused on the acquis goals: that ‘s the way we can – through projects – create results.”

Alread heading in this direction, Brussels recently demanded that credit card firms cut “outrageous” fees and that mobile phone
companies slash the cost of making calls abroad.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, Chancellor Angela Merkel told a conference on Europe that one of her priorities when Germany takes over the EU’s rotating presidency in January 2007 will be a reduction of red tape in Brussels.

She said:
“I am deeply convinced that it is absolutely vital to maintain the process of European integration, otherwise it will most likely lead to steps in reverse, with results we, of course, do not want. “

The Commission headquarters was open to the public this weekend, a special Europe Day open house.