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Hamas condemnes EU for cutting aid

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Hamas condemnes EU for cutting aid


The Palestinian government has accused the EU and the United States of wanting to bring it to its knees. Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh says the West is trying to strangle his government by cutting off foreign support. It follows the decision by EU Foreign Affairs ministers to stop direct financial aid to the Hamas cabinet. Haniyeh also condemned the continuing bombardment of areas of Northern Gaza by Israel.

This morning, Israeli military jets fired a missile at Fatah party offices. The building was badly damaged but no one was reported to have been killed or injured. Since Friday 16 Palestinians have died, including 13 activists and two children. The Israeli Defence Ministry says it intends to step up military action in the area. Israel has been firing artillery rounds for the last few months, in a bid, it says, to deter rocket attacks from Palestinian militants.

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