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Israel to step up attacks on Palestinian targets

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Israel to step up attacks on Palestinian targets


Hundreds of people have attended funerals in the Gaza Strip for four of the six Palestinians killed in Israeli air attacks. In all, 15 Palestinians, including 13 militants and one of their children have died in Israeli air and artillery strikes since Friday, leading the Palestinian prime minister to call an emergency cabinet session today. Ismail Haniyeh has warned that escalated Israeli strikes could spark a third uprising.

The Hamas-led government is facing growing criticism from people in the Gaza Strip for not responding to Israeli strikes, but it has largely abided by its ceasefire. For its part, Israel says it will step up efforts to isolate the Palestinian government. Transport Minister Meir Sheetrit says Israel will not continue to let itself be attacked: “Israel has the right to defend the security of our people and retalite. We are going to do it harder and harder as far as they continue shooting missiles over citizens of Israel,” he says. Israel, however, has not ruled out meeting with the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Meanwhile, EU foreign ministers meet in Luxembourg on Monday to ratify the EU Commission’s decision to ban direct financial aid to the Palestinian government until it renounces violence and recognises Israel.
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