German doctors step up strike demanding overtime compensation

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German doctors step up strike demanding overtime compensation

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Doctors at public university hospitals and clinics in Germany have continued their strike, demanding a pay rise of 30 per cent, compensation for overtime, and better working conditions.

Thousands of doctors gathered in the northern city of Hannover today for the main rally on Wednesday. One demonstator said: “I fully understand that there is little money, but then again we have made by far the most financial “sacrifices” over the past few years. In relation to our qualifications and our workload we’re being paid far too little, It doesn’t boost motivation, and that can be seen in the number of doctors leaving to work abroad.” The doctors say they work a total of 50 million unpaid hours a year. Hartmut Moellring, chief negotiator with the employers’ group TdL, called a 30 per cent pay rise without any trade-off absurd. He claimed employers were offering to extend the 40-hour week to 48 hours, allowing doctors to boost their basic salary by up to 20 per cent. The doctors say they are already working between 50 and 60 hours a week. Meanwhile the Verdi union is continuing separate industrial action.