Protester in coma after French riots

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Protester in coma after French riots

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The controversy over the CPE has been intensified by an incident which left a union activist in a coma. It happened during clashes at the weekend but the circumstances remain disputed.

Protesters claim he was kicked by police while lying on the ground after falling injured. But tests reportedly show he had a high concentration of alcohol in his blood. One witness said Cyril Ferez was still conscious while being taken for treatment. “The paramedics revived him and put him into the back of their truck. As we were watching we could see him talking to someone. He was still covered in blood but he was talking to someone. So he had come around,” the young woman said. He remains in a critical condition. A police official investigating the incident said they were keeping an open mind. “We don’t know if he was the victim of rioters or the police. We don’t know anything. We don’t know if he was a victim of his own actions. I remind you he was in a very drunken state,” he said. Ferez’s union have accused the government of a cover-up and demanded talks with the interior minister.