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UN says Mladic still at large and must be arrested

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UN says Mladic still at large and must be arrested


The UN’s chief war crimes prosecutor says Ratko Mladic is still at large and no talks are taking place for his surrender. Earlier reports claimed the top war crimes fugitive who is wanted for genocide was located in Serbia and then taken to Bosnia to defuse nationalist anger. But Carla del Ponte says the former Bosnian Serb army commander remains on the run and she is certain Serb authorities know his whereabouts.

She said: “Mladic remains at large, unfortunately. The false rumours about the arrest of Mladic have absolutely no basis whatsoever. He can and must be arrested immediately.” Del Ponte also pointed out that EU association talks with Belgrade may be suspended if it fails to fully cooperate. The EU Enlargement Commissioner is due to present a report to EU foreign ministers early next week on whether Serbia is doing its utmost to help the tribunal track down Mladic.
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