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Iran nuclear talks in Brussels, Moscow

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Iran nuclear talks in Brussels, Moscow


Talks in Brussels and Moscow are the focus of the latest efforts to resolve the international dispute of Iran’s nuclear programme. While delegates in Iran discussed a proposed solution with Russion diplomats Iranian Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, met with EU leaders.

The EU and the US led moves to have Iran referred to the UN Security Council over its atomic research, fearing that it was aimed at producing weapons. Iran has always maintained the programme is only for energy production. Moscow has offered to enrich uranium to be used in Iranian power plants.Talks in Russia there continue tomorrow. But Motakki told EuroNews even if agreement is reached on the proposal research would still continue in Iran. “Our target is to enrich uranium, in the major scale in Iran finally, in Iran finally. For time being, we are in a cooperative position to work with others.” And Motakki indicated dialogue could be complicated by other international issues. “We are in a position to cooperate, to exchange views with Europeans. Unfortunately, due to the Middle East situation, Europe is following what the United States is dictating,” he said.
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