Breakthrough in South Ossetia dispute

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Breakthrough in South Ossetia dispute

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There has been a breakthrough in a border dispute between Georgia and its separatist republic of South Ossetia. Georgian forces have now ended their blockade of the regional South Ossetian capital. The row erupted yesterday when South Ossetian forces stopped a Georgian convoy from travelling through the central city of Tsinkhvali.

Some 200 Georgian peacekeepers are stationed in the region. South Ossetia has run its own affairs since breaking away from the central government’s control in a war during the early 1990’s. As part of the 1992 agreement that ended fighting, Russia, Georgia and South Ossetia each contribute 500 troops to the peacekeeping force in South Ossetia. However, Georgia’s contingent has had only around 200 troops there for the lastseveral months.