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Burials for Philippines mudslide victims begin

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Burials for Philippines mudslide victims begin


Mass burials for villagers engulfed in a huge mudslide in the Philippines have begun as hopes of finding any survivors have all but faded. On Friday an entire village on the island of Letye was covered by a cascade of mud.

The number of missing varies massively sometimes stretching into the thousands, but some authorities now say 940 people from Guinsaugon are unaccounted for. Rescue workers have battled the elements searching for the living but since Saturday have found only the dead. More than 250 young children and their teachers were buried beneath mountains of earth when their school was hit by the landslide. Rescue efforts have been hampered by the deep mud, rain and fears of further landslides. Amid concern more slides could hit the area, 11 villages nearby have been evacuated.

Close to what was once the village of Guinsaugon attention is now on survivors. Hospital patients share their stories of escape, clinging on to coconut trees or jumping from roofs to safe areas to get away from the torrents of mud.

With hundreds still missing, for many, these are the lucky ones.
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